The Unspoken

Maggie (mid‐30’s) is awakened by another one of her night terrors. Her mind has blocked all memory of her horrific past, leaving no trace except for her daughter, Alex (16), who was born out of the experience.

Alex is an independent, street smart teenage girl who’s disdain for her mother grows with each year. The tension between the two escalates while preparing to move from the city to the suburbs and start a new life with Maggie’s fiancée Adam. Alex is vehemently opposed to the idea and threatens to move in with her biological father but Alex doesn’t know who that is and her mother refuses to share his identity with her.

Finding her birth certificate which gives her one clue of her origin; she was born in the small town of Netherton, Minnesota, Alex goes on a quest to find her father.

Meanwhile back in the suburbs, another night terror rips Maggie out of her slumber. Sensing danger, Maggie discovers that Alex has gone. Knowing her daughter’s determination to find her real father, Maggie in a panic, packs her bags and heads to where her nightmare began.

Once in the seemingly idyllic town, Alex encounters a dubious loner known to the town while exploring the nearby forest. A loving elderly couple who lives in the forest comes to her rescue and befriends her. Alex’s instinct sets in and realises all is not what it seems and soon enters into her own hellish world where truths are revealed.

Meanwhile Maggie returns to Netherton. Visions of her tortured past become almost unbearable but the love for her daughter gives her strength go on.

Maggie’s past and Alex’s father comes to a terrifying conclusion, one that is darker than anything they could have imagined.